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NOTE: When the top row in the grid has the yellow dots entered, a winning message is displayed. If you do not see this message, you do not have the correct solution.

NEW! Summers End Camping
This weekend, Larry and four of his high school friends celebrated the end of summer with a final camping trip before they all headed to different colleges. They decided to camp at their favorite campground, reserved a campsite, and loaded up the truck with supplies...Determine the full name of each friend, the extra food and entertainment items that each carried, and the college each friend attended.
. .
NEW! 4th Grade Project
Mrs. Clark's 4th grade class has a project due on Monday. Four of her students had final touches to add to their projects over the weekend and asked their parents to assist in procuring the materials needed. Most of the items were easy to find but some....Determine the full name of each student, the topic of their project, and the final material each needed to complete the project.
. .
Dance Routines for Mothers
Samantha habitually exercised with a group of other mothers from her town. Their latest idea was to create a group dance to add some spice to their usual exercise routine. To make it extra challenging, each mother got to choose a song to create a dance routine with a special dance step. Each week a different mother picked the song and led their dance creation. After just a couple weeks, they were having so much fun they decided that a special prop should be added to each routine too! Determine the name of the next five mothers to create their dance routine, the song title and artist chosen, the dance step featured, and the prop each picked.
. .
Laudromat Tripping
Charlie went to the laundromat with his regular weekly wash yesterday. He nodded to the other regulars when he walked in and put his laundry on. But then he decided to be different. Instead of heading out for a bite to eat, he stopped to talk to the other regulars that were waiting around for their laundry to run...Determine the first name of each regular, the number of laundry loads each was doing that day, each one's favorite shirt, and what kind of trip each was taking.
. .
Small Group Sessions
During a personal growth training event, everyone was assigned a partner for the weekend and also assigned to a small group of five people. Partners were not together in each small group...Determine the names of five partners and the team name of each partner's small group.
. .
New Year's Eve Dinner Party
Four couples, all friends, gathered at one couple's home to celebrate the arrival of the New Year with an evening of conversation and laughter. For dinner, they planned for potluck and so everyone brought an entrée and beverage....Determine the name of each couple, what dish each contributed to the potluck supper, and what type of beverage each brought.
. .
Mountain Cabin Weekend
Even though they were a little late for fall colors, five couples decided to go camping together in the mountains for the final outdoors trip before the approaching winter came to stay. In deference to the colder temperatures at night, they decided to rent cabins this time instead of camping in tents. Each couple arrived at the mountain camp site...Determine the full name of each couple, what time each arrived on Thursday (from 10:00am to 11:30am), and the color of each couple's car.
. .
Cabins for Rent
Five couples decided to camp in the mountains for their last camping trip of the season before winter settled in. In deference to the chillier weather, they rented cabins this time instead of camping out in tents. They were able to rent five cabins in a sheltered area of the campgrounds and each couple commandeered one of the cabins as they arrived on Thursday...Determine the last name of each couple, the cabin number each couple took, the main entrée each brought to cook, and what time each couple left.
. .
Keep on Trucking Diner
Harriet worked in the Keep on Trucking Diner, a small establishment off the Interstate highway that, not surprisingly, catered to the constant stream of long-haul truckers that streamed by on the highway. As truck stops go, it was small but it had the basics – food, gas, and bathrooms - that the truckers needed and since the food was definitely above average for a highway diner, they were a popular stop and always busy...Determine each trucker's full name, the color of each truck cab, the load each was carrying, and the name of the trucking company each worked for.
. .
Women's Golf League
Donna and four of her friends are a team in the Fair County Women's Golf League, which draws teams from Millersville, Campton, and the other towns within the Fair County region. As it happens, Donna and her team mates are all from Millersville and have a pretty good rating so far this season. Last night, however, wasn't one of their better nights as each of them got really stuck in a sand or water trap....Determine the full name of each friend, the hole number where each got caught in the trap, and the order of rank within the team.
. .
Gadgetworks Security
The Gadgetworks, Inc. security team included six people who were stationed in the two security centers, nicknamed Thelma and Gracie. These six security personnel cover the three different shifts each day, two guards per shift (one at each control center) to provide 24/7 security monitoring and to coordinate the rest of security...Determine the full name of each security guard, which security center each one was posted at this week, and which shift each was assigned to this week.
. .
Lunchtime Birthdays
Four friends met for lunch in the cafeteria yesterday. They hadn't seen each other in quite awhile and were eager to meet and catch up. During the course of their conversation, Diane noted that Henry's birthday was the following Saturday and that would be a great time to meet up again...Determine the full name of each friend and the month and day of each one's birthday.
. .
Spring Garden
Donna decided she needed a garden. Over the winter she had bought and moved into her very first house and now that spring was here, of course she needed to plant a garden in her very first back yard! After some research, she decided on two gardens...Determine what time she got home from work each day, what flower and vegetable she planted when she got home, and which day of the week each planting took place.
. .
NPlanting Season
Planting season had arrived – winter's snow was almost gone, the first buds were coming out on the trees, and lawns were turning bright green with new grass. Farmer John woke up this morning to birdsong and decided it was time to get the season's planting underway.....Determine the day of the week that he planted each field, the field's name, what type of crop he planted, and how long he spent planting it.
. .
Repainting Project
Matt and Sue visited the paint shop last week to order paint for their new project. After fifteen years, they've decided that they're tired of white walls and so are going repaint five rooms in their house. The paint has arrived, the walls have been cleared in each room, and they've taken a week off from work....Determine the day of the week each room will be painted, the full name of each helper and if they are friend or family member, and the new wall color planned for each room.
. .
Cars for Lease
This month, five people had expiring leases on their cars so they each went to their local auto dealerships to trade them in for new cars under new leases. They happened to be turning in a different make of car in a different common standard colors...Determine the first name of each person, the color and make of the old car they traded in, and the color and make of the new car they leased.
. .
A Special New Year's Eve
New Year’s eve was a very special night for Alice this year. Since her 12th birthday was New Year’s day, her parents decided she was old enough to stay up until midnight with them and watch the ball drop at midnight. This would be her first real New Year’s Eve! Not only that, but they agreed she could invite four friends to sleepover...Determine the names of each couple and their daughters, and how old Alice and her friends were on New Year’s Eve.
. .
New Year's Eve Travel
Five couples traveled to a different state to visit with family over the holidays. As a result, each welcomed in the new year by joining the First Night celebration in a new city with their family...Determine the full names of each couple, the family member each was visiting, and what city was each couple's destination.
. .
Business Deliveries
Greg delivered mail and packages to the six office suites on the second floor of the Millersville Corporate Offices building, located in downtown Millersville. While sounding big and pretentious, the building was actually the old school, refurbished into a two-story office building...Determine the name of each business, the first name of the person the package was addressed to, the Suite # of each business, and the country of origin for each package
. .
Research Papers
Johnny had a research paper due at school right after the holidays. He felt a little better when he discovered that his best friends also had papers due. They were in different classes this year...Determine the full name of each friend, which class subject each paper was for, and what day of the week each research paper was due.
. .
Stop & Go Convenience
Harry worked the night shift at the Stop & Go convenience store off the highway, at the outskirts of Millersville. It wasn't a stimulating job, but it helped pay his bills while he was going to college and on slow nights, he could work on homework....Determine the type and color of each vehicle that Harry's last five customers drove as well as the drink, snack, and miscellaneous items each purchased.
. .
Puzzles for Christmas
Sally was stumped. She had five grandchildren that she needed to get presents for, all between the ages of 5 and 9. She wanted to get them a learning gift that was also fun, because that was the best way to learn. She was in a store one day and inspiration hit....Determine the name and age of each grandchild as well as the topic and number of pieces of each puzzle.
. .
At the Opera
Five people went to the Opera on Saturday night and greatly enjoyed the show. Each person was single and sat beside strangers, although during the course of the evening each struck up a conversation with one of the people that sat beside them...Determine the name and seat number of the five people, the name of each person they conversed with, and the place each pair will meet up at after the opera.
. .
Writing Contest Winners
Four high school friends loved to write and at their teacher's suggestion they entered a regional writing contest. Each of them entered a story in a different category. To their surprise and delight, all four of them placed in the contest...Determine the full name of each student, the subject each wrote about, and the place each won.
. .
Apple Festival
Fall heralds the end of the summer and, of course, apple picking season! In Millersville, anticipation ran high this week as everyone looked forward to the weekend's Apple Festival. Held every year at the Sunny Side Orchard, the festival celebrated everything apple. There were many apple events like apple pie contests, apple dunking, apple picking contests, apple carving, and of course, lots of apple foods....Determine the full name and relationship to Sally of each family member who placed in an event, the competition each placed in, and what place each won.
. .
Story Characters
Sally has to write a story for her English class. To help her decide what to write for the story premise, she flipped through a book and picked out words and names that she liked. Then she put the words together to make five different story lines....Determine the description and role of each character, the action & setting of each story, and the name of each character.
. .
Friday Night D&D ~ our 1st anniversary!
Donald and five of his friends meet every Friday night to play games, specifically an on-going roleplaying Dungeons & Dragons game. Donald is the dungeon master (DM) for their current quest and the party of adventurers has been having some...difficulties. They managed to get through the bar room brawl without being thrown into jail and they even found the right road out of town...Determine the full name of each player, the name of each player's character, the race of each character, and the class of each character.
. .
Summer Barbecue ~ our 1st anniversary!
Mark and his wife Cindy decided that it was high time for them to host a summer barbecue. So next Saturday night they've invited four couples to join them for a summer barbecue feast and festivities...Determine the full name of each couple and the barbecue goodies that each couple brought.
. .
Summertime Fun
Charlie and four of his friends have been eagerly planning their summer since the weather got warm back in April. Along with the usual bike riding and ice cream eating, they're planning on a big camping expedition....Determine the full name of each boy, the idea each suggested, and whose home each idea involved.
. .
Summer Vacations
Many of the employees at Gadgetworks, Inc. take summer vacations with their families and this year was no exception. Larry Shumacher, the manufacturing manager, shook his head as he looked at work schedules for the next month. He had employees on vacation every week...Determine the full name of each employee taking a vacation this month, which assembly line each worked on, which week each took off, and where each employee was taking their family for vacation.
. .
Dad Goes Shopping
Dad decided Mom needed a break from the kids so he announced that he’d do the grocery shopping today and he'd bring all four kids with him so Mom could just relax for a while. The kids thought this was a fine idea – they didn't go places alone with Dad often...Determine the name of each child, what item each child was first sent to fetch, the type of pizza each ordered, and the drink each got to go with the pizza.
. .
Springtime Gardening
Chelsea and her friends were very excited that spring was finally here! The five were avid gardeners and had been planning their spring planting for months. Last year, they decided to add a vegetable garden as well as their usual flower beds and they were very pleased with the results...Determine the full name of each friend, what vegetable each planned to add, and what color flower each decided to add to their garden.
. .
Hiking in Yellowstone
Five friends visited Yellowstone Park this week on a hiking trip. They were overwhelmed at first by the sheer quantity of blazed trails available in the park's large expanse. But after looking over the Park literature, they chose a sampling of trails to try out...Determine the full name of each hiker, the name of the trail each one picked, the type of animal each saw for the first time, the special treat each packed for their campout, and the new piece of equipment each added to their gear for the overnight hike.
. .
Route 66
Five friends decided that for their vacation this year, they'd take a motorcycle road trip on historic Route 66, following the original route of the highway from Santa Monica, California to Chicago, Illinois. The friends all used street motorcycles but each rode a different make...Determine the full name of each friend and the make and color of each friend's motorcycle.
. .
Lunchtime Sushi
Five friends from Millersville car-pool to work in Campton, the next town over, since they all worked at the Campton Office Park. They would rotate who drove each day so they all spent one day driving and four days riding with their friends. Usually on Fridays, they also went out to lunch together at one of the local lunch places. This week, they went to a new place, Sushi Too...Determine the full name of each friend, the color and make of each one's car, and what kind of sushi each ordered for lunch on Friday.
. .
Sushi Too
A new restaurant has opened in the Campton Office Park called "Sushi Too". Since a new lunch option was a rare occurrence, several coworkers at Gadget, Inc. decided to try it for lunch today. The restaurant had many oriental dishes available but its main feature was a sushi bar...Determine the full name of each coworker and the three ingredients in each one’s favorite roll.
. .
Shift Changes
George, the manager of Lucy’s Bar & Grill, a popular restaurant just off the highway at the edge of Millersville, was having difficulty. He was working on the staff schedules for the following week. He had several staff on vacation or out sick so he had too many hours to fill and not enough people...Determine the full name of the full time employees that would be working double shifts, the day of the week each was scheduled for a double shift, and how long each had been working for Lucy’s Bar & Grill.
. .
New Car Day
Syd was excited – today was a great day! It was just after lunch and he’d already sold five cars! Syd Callahan was the head salesman at Millersville Auto, the biggest seller of new cars in Millersville. They carried cars from most major car manufacturers and were the closest dealership...Determine the full name of each buyer and the make and color of their newly purchased cars.
. .
Madame Simone
Madame Simone told fortunes at the Millersville Winter Fest this year. She spent the weekend in her colorful tent (with her feet warmed by a small heater under the table), hovering over a small table with candlelight flickering and dancing around the dim space. Before her on the table she spread her Tarot cards, predicting the futures of...Determine the full names of five of Madame Simone’s customers, what subject each asked her about, and what Major Arcana card was revealed to each customer.
. .
Winter Carnival
Last weekend was the Millersville Winter Fest! Every winter, the Millersville residents shake off the winter blues and go out to play in the snow together. The origins of the winter carnival are buried in the long-forgotten history of the town...Determine the full name of the five finalists for this year’s ice sculpture competition, the subject of each carving, and the final placement of each sculpture in the contest.
. .
New Year Babies
The Campton Hospital, the nearest hospital to the neighboring town of Millersville, was very busy on New Year’s Day this year. The normally quiet day featured the arrival of five new baby boys from families living in Millersville! Each couple was new to parenthood....Determine the full name of each couple, the first name given to each couple’s newborn, and the first name of each nurse caring for the mother and child on New Year’s Day.
. .
New Years Eve Traditions
Five couples realized, while conversing one evening at a friends’ dinner party, that every family has two sets of traditions during the holidays. One set of traditions are those of the community or religious beliefs....Determine the full names of each couple and the New Year’s Eve family tradition that each couple celebrates each year.
. .
Rush Hour Listening
Syd hated sitting in rush hour traffic. He saw it as a horrible waste of his time. To make the best use of his time, he listened to audio books in the car. He discovered that it was beneficial in two ways – he enjoyed listening to the stories and he arrived at work or home far less stressed. Traffic didn’t bother him as much anymore. If he had to sit in traffic, that was OK, he got to listen to more of the story!...Determine the book title, author, and category of each book he read and which he listened to on each day of the week.
. .
Kitten Litter
Cindy’s cat, Precious, had a litter of seven kittens last month. Cindy’s family decided that they would keep just two of the kittens and so reluctantly they found homes for the other five...Determine the full name of the kids who adopted the kittens, the color of each kitten, and the name each kitten received from their new pals.
. .
Movie Time
Main Street Flicks, the movie theater in Millersville often fondly referred to as the MSF, was showing five new movies this weekend that Sara’s kids really wanted to see. She tried to convince them to pick one and they’d all go together. But after three days of tearful debates and shouting matches, she gave up....Determine the name of each daughter and her friend, the time each went to see the movie, and the title of each movie.
. .
Jury Duty
Sally and four of her friends were all summoned for jury duty last week. Though they were called at the same time, each had to report to a different district courthouse...Determine the full name of each friend, what district each was summoned to, and which of them was assigned to a trial jury.
. .
Super Moon Lunar Eclipse
Last Sunday night, a super moon lunar eclipse occurred. Six friends, all amateur astronomers, were jubilant at the chance to see this rare phenomenon, which has only happened 6 times in the past 100 years! As it happened, these five friends all lived in a different region of the world...Determine the full name of each friend, where each lived, and what the weather was in each location.

NOTE: I took the inspiration for this month's puzzle from a real event that happened at the end of September - did you see the supermoon lunar eclipse?
Super Moon Lunar Eclipse (
Wikipedia - September 2015 Lunar Eclipse
. .
It's Football Season!
Fall’s here and excitement is starting to buzz in Millersville! Millersville’s own Meercats are playing their archrivals, the Campton Warriors from the next town over, in the first football game of the season this weekend. The rivalry between the two high schools is legendary....Determine the name and position for five of the offensive players in the starting line-up and what grade each player is in.
. .
Fruit Salad
Syd was feeling adventurous while cooking his supper one night. He decided that he needed more pizazz in his meals and to add a few more healthy foods to his diet. So he started eating a different fruit at breakfast each day with his bowl of cereal...Determine, for each day of the week, what fruit he ate with breakfast, what fruit and nut he added to his salad, and what kind of drink he had with supper.
. .
Batter Up
The Millersville Rockets played a terrific game of baseball last night with some truly phenomenal plays. Defense was strong throughout the game and succeeded in shutting out the opposing team, the Campton Muskrats. But it was the team’s batting performance that really stood out....Determine the full name of each batter, the defensive position each played, and what type of hit each batter made.
. .
Friday Night Karaoke
Hooray! It’s Friday night! Five coworkers from Gadget, Inc eagerly flocked to their next destination – Lucy’s Bar & Grill. Lucy’s was a popular after-work meeting place on the outskirts of Millersville near the highway...Determine the full names of each coworker, the song title each picked for Karaoke, which appetizer each ordered, and what time each left the bar.
. .
One Scoop or Two
On Friday afternoon, Bobby and his friends went to Big Scoops, Millersville’s favorite ice cream stand, for an afternoon ice cream cone. With 57 different flavors and 12 different topping options, choosing what to get was often a hard choice...Determine the name of each friend along with the two scoops of ice cream and the topping chosen by each friend.
. .


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