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Barnyard Bonanza
by Shelly Hazard
Hidden in each of the sentences below is the name of an animal that can be found in a barnyard. Can you find them all?
(Hint: The letters of the name may be separated by spaces.)

NOTE! Puzzle #5 and #7 both have TWO animals hidden in them - can you find them both?

  1. Doggedly determined to succeed, Tom grit his teeth and tried again.
  2. Peter called Davy a coward because he wouldn't fight.
  3. "The boys win every time we play!" groaned Lisa.
  4. To start the road race, all the contestants were told to go at the green light.
  5. "You know I abhor secrets!" exclaimed John's mother when she caught the two boys whispering.
  6. Jim lunged for the ball, catching it just in time to make the final out.
  7. The Arab bit his lip when he got angry.
  8. I walked up the neat pathway and knocked on the door.
  9. "Look at this bedlam, boy! See what you caused?" cried the outraged shop owner.
  10. "Elmo used up all the paint!" complained his little brother.

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