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Here you'll find logic puzzles and more for puzzle enthusiasts of all ages.

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Recommended Puzzle Links

I, Rearrangement server
Or, put another way, the Internet Anagram Server. This site will take any word or phrase and give you all the letter combinations, or anagrams, possible. Not sure what an anagram is? Go check out the site! They've got an anagram explanation there too.

Mensa International Workshop
On the Mensa International site, they offer a Mensa Workout. Answer 30 questions in 30 minutes - sounds simple? Try it out and see how you do!

Puzzlemaker offers the Puzzlemaker for teachers, students, and parents. You can create and print customized word search, crossword, math, and maze puzzles. It's lots of fun! is our partner site for our Interactive Logic Puzzles! This site features many interactive puzzles, classic puzzles, puzzle site reviews, puzzle news...and lots more!

Puzzle World   
Puzzle World is all about mechanical puzzles, with information about the different categories of mechanical puzzles, examples and available for purchase hand-crafted puzzles, competitions, other puzzle sites, and more. Definitely, it's a site to visit for anyone who likes the hands-on challenges of mechanical puzzles.

Riddle Spot
This site has lots of riddles, arranged by type, for you to solve. There's also a section of optical illusions to try seeing correctly. Lots of fun for a change of pace.

Terry Stickels    
Terry Stickels now has his own website! For any that haven't run across Terry's puzzles, I highly recommend checking out his site or getting one of his books. His site has some of his puzzles freely available, tells a bit more about himself, and has lists and links to his published books for those that want more.

World Puzzle Federation
The World Puzzle Federation is an international organization dedicated to puzzles. It follows the Olympic standard, and brings together puzzlers from around the world for the annual World Puzzle Championship (WPC).

Bordwell's Logic Puzzles
Mr. Bordwell has created some fun and interesting logic puzzles on his site. A site worth visiting for logic puzzle enthusiasts!

Core Games     Fun games that make you think! This site has an interesting assortment of puzzle-oriented computer games. They also feature three daily puzzles that are fun and challenging.

Fun with Words
Interested in the peculiarities and oddities of the English language? This site explains the history and use of such word play favorites as anagrams, palindromes, spoonerisms and more....definitely worth a visit for all word game fans and trivia buffs.


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