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Fluttering Flocks
by Shelly Hazard

Hidden in each of the sentences below is the name of a bird. Can you find them all?

Hint: The letters of the name may be separated by spaces.

Note: #10 has TWO birds hidden in it. Can you find them both?

  1. The crane lifted the car and dropped it into the crusher.
  2. My pillow is stuffed with goose feathers.
  3. I was walking by the building when someone yelled "Duck!".
  4. Jane and Jack went bowling last night.
  5. "Do you see that star lingering on the horizon?" asked Tom.
  6. As Sally watched, the beagle tripped over its own ear as it romped in the back yard.
  7. The flaming oven had smoke billowing out of it.
  8. "I only need one card in all the deck to go out," Jake said.
  9. "How will we find her in this crowd of people?" Cindy asked.
  10. Chris wanted to ride the carousel in the park.

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