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What's for supper?
by Shelly Hazard Here's a new kind of coded puzzle for you to try - a cryptolist! The list of words below all relate to the topic of 'what's for supper'. The code used for each word is the same. For example, if you determine that the letter A is really the letter E in the first word, this is true for every word in the list.

Solving Tips
A cryptogram is a message written in a code where each letter has been substituted with a different one. For example, BCCX LCTAEAB can be decoded to read GOOD MORNING where the B stands for G, the C stands for O, the X stands for D, etc.. No letter can stand for itself and no letter can represent multiple letters.
Hint: Look for similarities in words, for example THE, THERE, THEIR, THEY, and THEN. Also, look for repetitions in single and double letters, for example E, R, S, T, and LL are all common letters.

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