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Countdown to Christmas! ~ December 3rd

Our third puzzle is a cryptogram - each letter has been substituted with a different one. For example, BCCX LCTAEAB can be decoded to read GOOD MORNING where the B stands for G, the C stands for O, the X stands for D, etc.. No letter can stand for itself and no letter can represent multiple letters.
Hint: Look for similarities in words, for example THE, THERE, THEIR, THEY, and THEN. Also, look for repetitions in single and double letters, for example E, R, S, T, and LL are all common letters.

YRBDD     TDBD     YRD     TXUD     SDA    


Stuck? Need a hint? Highlight the line directly below this sentence for a hint. (Warning! If you print the page out, this hint will be visible!)

The letter E is represented by the letter D.

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