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Countdown to Christmas! ~ Answers

Merry Christmas! I hope you all enjoyed our little puzzle advent calendar. For those that stuck with me all month, here's the promised answers....which are actually an old Christmas poem...

One is a person, oneself or oneís chum
Two is for drumsticks, to tap on a drum
Three were the Wise Men who followed the star
Four-footed friends are the truest there are
Five are the senses that give us delight
Six is for suppertime. Ice cream tonight!
Seven droll dwarfs whistle gaily all day
Eight prancing reindeer draw Santaís red sleigh
Nine is for ninepins, an old-fashioned game
Ten-gallon hats are enjoying new fame
Eleven is two numbers, a one and its cousin
Twelve is what people in stores call a dozen
Thirteen is unlucky, though why we donít know
Fourteen is a fortnight. Just two weeks to go!
Fifteen is for anything, peanuts or pearls
Sixteen is sweet when it happens to girls
Seventeen candy canes fit in a box
Eighteen makes nine pairs of mittens or socks
Nineteen is a fine teen of carols sung airily
Twenty is plenty of lights blinking merrily
Twenty-one guns sound a rousing salute
Twenty-two horns make a fine rooty-toot
Twenty-three is for skiddooing to bed when youíre bidden
Twenty-four is for the closets where presents are hidden
Twenty-five is Merry Christmas, a day of great fun!
- - Author Unknown

I will be leaving these puzzles up through mid-January, but then these pages will disappear from the site. Drop me a note and tell me how you liked our little countdown. Perhaps I'll do a new one for next year.....

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