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Challenging Coin Puzzles

By Terry Stickels

Challenging Coin Puzzles challenges you to every coin puzzle imaginable! From tic-tac-toe with nickels and dimes to coin poetry, get ready to dive into the world of coins - puzzle style! With a little common cents, you'll definitely meet the challenge!

This Puzzlers Paradise puzzle pack of Terry Stickels' Challenging Coin Puzzles contains 48 puzzles ranging from easy to challenging.

Price: $3.00

NOTE: The puzzle package is in PDF format. You MUST include an email address with your order payment. The puzzle pack will be emailed to you after payment has been received.

Though Terry Stickels may be most well-known for his popular Frame Games, his puzzles cover a wide range of mathematical, visual, logical, and creative puzzling. His puzzles have lined bookstore shelves, been featured on websites, and can even be found on the back of Raisin Bran boxes. To learn more about Terry Stickels and his puzzles, visit his website.

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