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Pencil Puzzles for Kids Puzzle Pack, Volume 1

PuzzlersParadise proudly presents our first puzzle package for kids. This package contains 21 different puzzles of varying difficulty level sure to appeal to kids of all ages. Puzzles include mazes, riddles, logic problems, word ladders, coded messages, word hunts, and many more. The puzzles are designed to help build word and logical thinking skills while still offering hours of enjoyment.

There are two puzzles posted in the archives from this package:
Bats in the Belfry and Fluttering Flocks.

Price: $2.25

NOTE: The puzzle package is in PDF format. You MUST include an email address with your order payment. The puzzle pack will be emailed to you after payment has been received.

Pencil Puzzles for Kids

3.Silly Story
4.Money Matters
5.Bee Line Home
6.Lions & Deers, Oh My!
7.Word Ladders #1
8.Single Star
9.The Way Home
10.Word Changes
12.Pot O Gold
13.Double Letters
14.Fluttering Flocks
15.Word Ladders #2
16.Birthday Gifts
17.Wild Animal Scramble
18.Which is Which?
19.Little Search
20.Crazy Riddle
21.Bats in the Belfry
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